About Us

American Ecotech specializes in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of air pollution monitoring instrumentation and systems. In addition to designing and building turn-key air monitoring systems, American Ecotech partners with other leading industry instrument manufacturers from around the world to provide the very highest standard in instrumentation solutions to fully meet your needs. Our instrumentation is used by research and industry leaders throughout the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, including federal, state, and tribal environmental protection agencies, major research institutions, industrial energy suppliers, mining and refining plants, and environmental consulting firms. With our major support center located in Rhode Island, and additional service teams based in Texas, California, Canada, and Mexico, our experienced staff is readily available and committed to providing our customers with the highest standard of service and support.

American Ecotech products and services include:

  • Criteria pollutant gas analyzers (CO, NOx, SO2, O3)
  • Trace gas analyzers (CO2, CO, NOx, NOy SO2)
  • Specialty gas analyzers (NH3, H2S, CO2, TRS)
  • Automated gas dilution calibration systems for above analyzers
  • Particulate analyzers and samplers for PM2.5, PM10, TSP, and visibility
  • MegaVol samplers for heavy metals and radioactive particulate background monitoring
  • Real-time air toxics / VOC monitors
  • Data management systems, including remote site monitoring control systems
  • Meterological instruments
  • Fully configured, energy efficient air monitoring shelters and trailers
  • Onsite air monitoring equipment training and maintenance
  • Complete air monitoring turn-key solutions for ambient and CEMS monitoring 

Who We Are

American Ecotech has over fifteen years experience in the supply, maintenance, engineering and operation of Ambient Air Monitoring Systems. Each system is designed to provide high quality air pollution and meteorological data while minimizing the time spent on maintenance and calibration.

  • We have supplied systems to many major industrial companies and environmental protection agencies around the world, always demonstrating the experience and resources needed to ensure that all projects are successfully completed.
  • We have installed in excess of 500 systems to monitor ambient air quality worldwide, including in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.
  • We conduct all maintenance and operation of ambient air and emissions monitoring stations in accordance with US-EPA established Quality Assurance Procedures. From system design, through supply of parts and components, to product delivery, installation, commissioning and after sales support, American Ecotech’s commitment to quality ensures that all customers receive only the most professional service from us every time!
  • Because each system is designed, calibrated and fully tested in our factory by our own team of specialized engineers and technicians, you can be confident that our equipment will perform as specified.
  • Once your system has been installed, an American Ecotech engineer will carry out the final onsite commissioning, ensure that calibration is correct and see to it that all components are working correctly. In short, your monitoring system will be fully operational. All installation and commissioning work is conducted in accordance with US-EPA established Quality Assurance Procedures.
  • We provide comprehensive Air Monitoring System training. Every course is designed to provide system users with the appropriate level of knowledge in areas including the operation, troubleshooting and basic maintenance of the system. Course material is carefully prepared and uses a combination of lecture material, PowerPoint presentations and hands-on experience to impart knowledge to the participants.