Providing Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring Solutions For:

Energy and Power Plants

Power Plant Environmental managment teams typically approach American Ecotech because they face the ongoing challenge of meeting regulatory requirements as well as having the responsibility to understand the enviromental effects of their operation. Typical projects in this sector are Fence Line Monitoring, community base monitoring, process monitoring, and Methane non-Methane, VOC, SO2, H2S, among others.  

American Ecotech have proven, configurable air monitoring solutions for all variations of power plants. Whether your application is for nuclear, coal, gas fired or alternative energy, our air monitoring solutions are increasingly being seen as the benchmark for quality, performance, usability and reliability.

American Ecotech provides all the key components including hardware, software, applications, analysis, design, installation, and maintenance and data monitoring and reporting to provide a complete air monitoring solution for your power business. Our advanced air monitoring analytic capabilities for the energy and power industries provides the information necessary to enable informed decision making on business and compliance management challenges. We provide a completely integrated air monitoring solution for power plants, with functionality that optimizes air monitoring compliance and decision making.

We can provide point solutions to your particular requirement, or an integrated air monitoring solution. Our commitment to our clients goes well beyond the sale of hardware. We work with you to make the air monitoring solution meet your business needs.

Coal Fired Power Plants

Coal fired power plants emit a variety of emissions most notably Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The burning process of coal releases CO2 as a major by-product, along with other compounds due to impurities within the coal. These pollutants include: NOx, SOx, CO, CO2, Hg and particulates (TSP, PM10, PM2.5).

Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants, though they do not have direct gaseous emissions, may be required to undergo environmental monitoring as a precaution for any radioactive leaks that may occur. Monitoring of ambient particulates around nuclear reactors is considered good practice for the early detection of a radioactive leak.

Gas Turbine Power Plants

Gas turbine power plants have three main emissions Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx). The burning process of gas produces CO and CO2 as major by-products, along with NOx. The use of catalysts (ammonia) reduce the concentration of NOx but can also become an emission source that needs to be monitored.

Oil Fired Power Plant Monitoring

Oil fired power plants emit a variety of emissions, most notably Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon monoxide (CO). The burning process of petroleum (oil) releases CO2 and CO as the major by-products, along with other compounds due to impurities within the oil (NOx and SO2). Monitoring of O2 levels within the plant are also used to optimize combustion efficiency.