Providing Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring Solutions For:

Environmental Consultants

Environmental consulting firms provide a broad range services to many diverse clients. One small part of a project may be ambient air monitoring. Over 10 years experience in selecting, evaluating, and using many different kinds of air quality instrumentation give American Ecotech “know-how” of what works best for your client and their project. Our systems approach to helping determine the best machine for the job coupled with knowing what instruments work best with each other help the project achieve maximum results and the best outcomes. We consider ourselves an extension of you the consulting firm acting behind the scenes as an expert, with the consultant determining how involved we get involved with the end-user. We can either train your client to run their own equipment, train the consultant to train the client, or we can maintain the machines and secure the data. At the end of the day the thing we do best is provide peace of mind that the job is done right the first time.

Compliance (both mandatory and voluntary): Because the EPA is very specific on what they acccept as far as air quality standards, consulting firms are regularly called upon to help a client comply with a regulation or become compliant after being cited for a violation. American Ecotech can assist in helping the consultant determine the best application to accomplish the objective. We can deliver, install, provide training on, and maintain the instruments we provide. In addition we help with the reporting and audits that are associated with actions necessary to comply. Different forms of compliance applications include Fence-line Monitoring and PSD.