Providing Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring Solutions For:

Mining and Refining

Many mines use American Ecotech technology to monitor the air and environment around the mine. Mines typically employ multiple dust suppression techniques and tools to minimize their environmental impact. Control of fugitive particles for the mining industry and specifically for open cut operations is of great concern to the local residents, environmental protection authorities, employees and of course the mine owners and management. Mine air monitoring is necessary to minimize the emissions that can cause both nuisance effects as well as health effects. 

Effective air monitoring in the mining industry provides the information that can save dollars (through the optimization of dust suppression activities), meets mining regulatory requirements and also helps effectively manage the environmental air quality impact of the mining operations.

Mining Dust Warning System

American Ecotech’s core early warning dust systems allow the instantaneous monitoring of dust and particulate concentrations and enables rapid reaction to any situations beyond target ranges. Our mine air management systems can enhance your existing dust suppression, minimization and remediation program.

Features of the Mining Dust Warning system includes:

  • Instantaneous data logging and alarm generation
  • Integration with dust suppression systems
  • Low power, rugged, remote monitoring devices
  • Conditional wind speed/direction monitoring
  • Site contribution monitoring

Why American Ecotech?

  • American Ecotech have proven, industry leading, configurable air monitoring solutions for the mining industry. Our mining air monitoring solutions are increasingly being seen as the benchmark for quality, performance, usability and reliability for mine sites.
  • Only American Ecotech provides all the key components including hardware, software, applications, analysis, design, installation, maintenance and data monitoring and reporting to provide a complete air monitoring solution for your aerospace or defense business. American Ecotech’s advanced air monitoring analytic capabilities for aerospace or defense industries provides the information necessary to enable informed decision making on business and compliance management challenges.
  • American Ecotech provides a completely integrated air monitoring solution for the aerospace or defense industry, with functionality that optimizes air monitoring compliance and decision making.
  • We can provide point solutions to your particular requirement, or an integrated air monitoring solution.
  • We have a commitment to our clients that goes well beyond the sale of hardware. We work with you to make the air monitoring solution meet your business needs.

Fenceline Monitoring for Mining Operations

Fenceline monitoring of mining operations allows mine managers, owners and operators to monitor dust, particle and gas emissions around the site. Effective fenceline monitoring of mine sites provides the opportunity to pinpoint the sources of this pollution, manage the sources and ultimately reduce its impact on environment in and around the mine site.

Mine site fence-line monitoring provided by American Ecotech includes:

  • Powerful software that maps pollution concentrations, direction and distance (to source)
  • Real-time dust and gas monitoring linked to wind sensors
  • Wind speed and direction sensor
  • Station data integration allows data from multiple locations to be combined, processed and presented in easy to understand reports.

Remote Air Monitoring Solutions for Mining

American Ecotech offers a fully integrated solution that includes the equipment and software for remote air monitoring of mine sites. Our air monitoring solutions for mines work from solar or mains power and can be accessed remotely via GSM, 3G, Satellite or radio modems. Features include:

  • Real-time dust data
  • Stand alone low maintenance equipment
  • Eco-friendly solar power
  • Remote access to data and instrument control