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Aside from the traditional roles American Ecotech’s instruments play in research, regulatory and continual emissions monitoring (CEM) applications, there is another neat place that these guys pop up as well; semiconductor manufacturing. In this “note” we are going to discuss just one of the challenging applications problems that we have had to address in the semiconductor field.

Accelerated adverse environment product testing, aka corrosion testing, is one of these applications.

A major semiconductor producer wanted a way to perform accelerated corrosion testing on their products. They needed to understand the effects of; Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen Sulfide Dioxide (H2S), Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX) and Chlorine (Cl2) on their products. Precise control of the dispersion of these corrosive agents and the understanding of how these gases interact with each other, the test chamber, and the product is paramount in the success of this application.

American Ecotech was initially brought in on the project to provide the equipment that would be used to monitor and provide the feedback control of all* of the gases of interest. As the project moved towards completion, American Ecotech was asked to utilize our application expertise to resolve several control and dilution issues that the chamber designers had not anticipated.  With our innovative research, application and advanced instrumentation lab staff, we had the right mix of knowledge and experience to resolve these issues and turn this nonfunctioning system into a reliable automated system, performing at or above its intended specifications. Additionally, American Ecotech provides solutions to other problem areas in semiconductor manufacturing including; process contamination, safety and clean-room monitoring.

*AE did not directly provide the chlorine (Cl2) monitoring instrument.