American Ecotech incorporates the highest quality meteorological sensors into our air monitoring systems. Our extensive knowledge and experience designing and integrating complete measurement solutions ensures that the met gear incorporated into your system is the best quality and value. In addition, we also independently sell the following meteorological instruments:

MicroVol-1100 Weather Station

The MicroVol-1100 Weather Station is a multi-parameter weather detection and data logging unit. The MicroVol-1100 Weather Station can log multiple parameters including humidity, temperature, wind speed, wind direction and pressure. 

BPS1000 Barometric Pressure Sensor

The BPS1000 is a high accuracy barometric pressure sensor designed specifically for use in meteorological monitoring applications. It is sealed in a weatherproof, UV resistant plastic enclosure and has an operating range of 800 – 1100 mB.

Ecotech Rainmaster 1000 for Measuring Rainfall

The Rainmaster 1000 is a simple Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge used to measure rainfall. The Rainmaster 1000 collects rainwater until the collection bucket tips over, pouring our the water into a bottle underneath. This tipping action is calibrated to a known amount of water and the instrument will record the number of tips to calculate the rainwater level.