Airodis is an environmental data management software package that automates the process of retrieving data from multiple data loggers, allowing you to validate data and generate a wide range of reports.

It allows you to easily manage your valuable data and maximize your productivity while ensuring accuracy and traceability.

Airodis streamlines the data collection process by automatically or manually downloading data from multiple loggers and saving it into an SQL Server database. Data can be collected from a wide variety of loggers over multiple communication media. CSV file import is also supported and communication scripts for non-supported data loggers can easily be produced. 

Sophisticated yet simple

All changes to data require a reason to be entered for the change; this change will then tag the data as being edited and will automatically place an entry in the audit log. 

The audit log can be viewed anytime and displays the history of every single change, why it changed and who changed it. Changes can also be easily reversed. This ensures full traceability of your data.

The virtual station function allows you to extract data channels from two or more data loggers and combine them within the data manager, making it simple to report on the same or different parameters from multiple locations.