System Integration

Drawing on years of experience in the design, operation and maintenance of monitoring systems, American Ecotech’s knowledgeable staff can help you with every aspect of your monitoring project. We specialize in providing complete, turn-key solutions for your application. From remote, single ambient analyzers, to complex industrial CEMs monitoring systems, to turn-key near roadside monitoring stations, we can provide the right system for your project. All of our systems incorporate energy efficient designs, reducing operating costs and ensuring a lower carbon footprint. Off-grid systems are available using the latest in wind and solar power technology and all of the Ecotech product line can be configured to operate from 12V.

Design & Installation

American Ecotech provides design, installation and commissioning for all products. As part of our installations, we will provide onsite commissioning and testing to ensure all components are in perfect operational order. All American Ecotech installation and commissioning work is conducted in accordance with US-EPA established Quality Assurance Procedures.


American Ecotech provides specific, comprehensive product training. Every course is designed to provide users with an appropriate level of knowledge in areas including theory of operation, basic maintenance of the product, trouble-shooting and calibration of the equipment. Advanced technical training courses are available as well as training on data interpretation, data reporting and audits. Training sessions can be held on-site, at the customer’s choice of location or at one of American Ecotech’s training locations.

System Maintenance, Data Validation & Reporting

American Ecotech offers a range of operation and maintenance contracts that can be customized to meet individual customer requirements. We can manage all facets of environmental monitoring systems on the customers’ behalf, from operating and maintaining the equipment to supplying, interpreting and validating data. Our systems and data management procedures comply fully with EPA and local regulatory requirements to ensure validated, defensible data for your system.