Providing Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring Solutions For:


American Ecotech has a great deal of experience installing, operating, and maintaining Air Quality Monitoring Stations and networks. We have been working with many state agencies across the country implementing their State and Local Air Monitoring Plans (SLAMS), National Air Monitoring Stations (NAMS), and Special Purpose Monitors. We can assist you with budgetary requirements when installing, operating and maintaining your network.

American Ecotech can provide spare parts and servicing of any instrumentation you already have. We also assist clients with getting data uploaded into the EPA databases such as AirNow and AQS.

American Ecotech can add value to the government groups by assisting on the installation and set up of procedures that will maximize uptime of the site. We train your staff, visit them once per quarter and perform quarterly maintenance and provide station oversight.

Contact us today to get one of our air quality specialists to review your air quality monitoring requirements as well as assist you with any existing instruments you already have.