Providing Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring Solutions For:

Oil and Gas

The “EPA has issued cost effective regulations to reduce harmful air pollution from the oil and natural gas industry, while allowing continued, responsible growth in U.S. oil and natural gas production”. American Ecotech and its partners are poised to enable a comprehensive program of ambient air monitoring to augment environmentally sound growth in this sector.

VOCs, and especially Methane (a potent greenhouse gas), plus other toxic gases will need to be closely monitored. For example in the presence of sunlight and nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds react to form ground-level ozone (O3), a major component of unhealthy smog.

American Ecotech provides not only individual instruments but also complete systems in both stationary and mobile platforms. Product configurations are also available to meet specific sampling needs. For example, our GC can be configured with a Photoionization (or an additional high sensitivity version), Flame Ionization, Thermal Conductivity, and Pulse Discharge detectors. Fenceline (Perimeter) monitoring for Total Hydrocarbon content of Non-condensing Gases is achieved with flexible, continuous, fully automated gas analysis over a broad range of concentrations. The automatic calibration is at user defined intervals with remote operation capabilities.

Particulates are addressed with a complete complement of EPA approved samplers, and on-site particle detection /measurement technology. Our real-time Aurora Series of Nephelometers offer up to a three wavelength patented LED light source plus the only commercially available Polar Nephelometer providing real time indicators for changes in particle composition in a portable unit.

Rounding out our capabilities to assist you in achieving your goal of a cost-effective, environmentally responsible drilling, well, refinery or storage/transfer facility is our years of extensive background and experience in ambient air monitoring. Everything from complete seamless reporting capabilities (Airodis Software), Metrology systems through Gas/Particulate analysis and Shelter design including Training, Service, Installation and an extensive Spares inventory.

Let a Partnership with American Ecotech maximize your focus on profitability (operational efficiency) and take the strain off of compliance issues.

Please review our complete package of instrumentation /software in this section for your specific needs.